Friday, April 4, 2014

My Latest Infusion

The past few months things have been going good. The Actemra has been working well and I haven't been in a ton of pain. I do have pain, but it is mostly bearable. Unless the Fibro flares, which it has been the past week.

I had my latest infusion on Wednesday. I weighted myself the day before and I was at 180. Ack! Some of the weight I lost had creeped back on. Last month I was at 177. Not good. But with the warmer weather finally here, my walks can start up again. When they weighted me in the hospital before my infusion, I was 184. Not sure how I gained 4 lbs over night, but I think their scales were off.

I had a new nurse this time. My normal nurse had retired the day after last months infusion. The new nurse, I forget her name, think it was Margie, was tiny and sweet. I knew my fibro was bothering me, but didn't realize how much till it was time to get the iv in and running. I have had the iv in my left hand for the past few months, so I decided to change to my right hand and give the left a break. OMG, no matter what the nurse did, I was in so much pain. Normally when they put the iv in, it feels odd, but doesn't hurt. The needle is thin, but long and flexible, like plastic. Of course after they insert it in my hand they move it in and out a little to get it in place. It kind of itches and tickles when they do that. Not this time. It hurt a ton. Once it was in and I was taped up and the saline was running, I got really light headed like I was going to pass out. Thank goodness the chairs we have at the infusion center recline. A couple of minutes laying back and I was back to normal.

I brought my laptop to watch a movie that I downloaded onto it. I put it on the little tray table and moved it over so it was near my knees and curled up with my headset on and watched "Catching Fire". I have seen it a few times and love it. My nurse hadn't seen it yet, so she kept coming over to "check up on me". LOL.

When the infusion was over and the nurse was taking out the iv, I got to experience a ton of pain I never want to again. Normally the super sticky rectangle shaped take they put over my whole hand hurts like the dickens when they take it off. We figured out that using a little alcohol wipe while removing it makes it not hurt at all. It kinda dissolves the tape. The other tape that they use, felt like they were taking my skin off.

Once home, me, Max and Abby curled up in bed. I was really tired after, mostly because I had been up since 3am. My sleeping issues are a whole other story. We slept for a few hours but when I woke up, I had a migraine and was really queasy. The hubby asked me earlier if I wanted him to bring home dinner, but I had told him no. But once I woke up feeling like this, I texted him and asked him to bring me home some soup.

All day Thursday I felt blah too. But not as bad. I still had a headache though. I had been popping Advil like candy trying to get rid of it. Now it is 2 days after the infusion. I am finally feeling better. I think because my dose of Actemra is based off my weight and height, that I had too much. I know what my weight was based on my scale. I know scales can vary, but this was nuts.

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