Friday, October 4, 2013

My Allergist Appointment

My appointment with my allergist was on Wednesday of this week. I got there 40 minutes early thanks to the directions on Mapquest. Anyway, I waited in my car for 20 minutes, then went in. I figured I had to fill out some paperwork. Boy did I ever.

I had a breathing test done first. I am asthmatic and have been since I was like 7 or 8. Anyway, what I though was good breathing, really wasn't. After that, I went into the room where I spent the next hour talking to my allergist about everything any anything that has triggered any kind of reaction to me since I was born pretty much.

I told her how my dad is deathly allergic to bees. He was legally dead for 4 minutes when he got stung once. I had a reaction when I stepped on a bee last summer. My asthma kicked in almost right away.

We went over everything I did this past weekend to try and see what might have triggered the face swelling. Right now, it is narrowed down to a food allergy (no kidding), more than likely nuts. Seeing how the Texas Roadhouse restaurant I was in has peanuts all over the place, and I ate some, that is more than likely the issue.

We also went over my current treatment of my asthma and made some changes. She added a spacer, something I haven't had since I was a kid. She also added Symbacort, but only if using the chamber with my Flovent does not make things better.

My Dr. also prescribed an EpiPen. This kinda freaked me out. She said that the swelling was a serious reaction and the next time I might not be so lucky. So now I have to carry around the epipens ever where I go. I had to ge a bigger purse so that they would fit in with all the other crap I carry around.

In a couple of weeks I go back to get my venom testing done to see if I am allergic to any bees. A couple of weeks after that test, I will have the skin test done to see what else I am allergic to.

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