Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The fastest appointment yet

Yesterday was my rheumy appointment. I swear it was the fastest I have ever had. Normally this is a bad thing in my eyes, but this time it was great.

The Actemra is working, so I am feeling much better. Not as tired anymore. I don't need my afternoon nap very often now. I can make a fist with my left hand and almost a fist with my right hand.

The Tramadol takes away most of my pain. I still have little aches, but those I can deal with or almost ignore. The only time they really bother me is when it is going to rain or snow.

Two weeks ago I had my monthly blood work done and it showed that my cholesterol is awsome now. Thanks to the Simvastatin. My levels in everything are perfect. My dad takes it as well and says it is a miracle drug. I guess it is.

My liver levels, however, were not so great. They were very high. Almost three times higher than my normal levels. This freaked both me and my doctor out. He asked me to stop my methotrexate and we will repeat the blood work later. The Actemra can also raise your liver levels like the methotrexate can. I was praying that the Actemra was not the cause. I finally found a medication that is starting to work and didn't want it messing things up.

Yesterday at my appointment, we went over my blood work and he gave me my orders for another to test and see what my liver levels were at now after not taking the methotrexate for a couple of weeks. I got a call a few hours after getting the blood work done (I love how fast this lab is) and the doctor was happy to announce that my liver levels were back to normal. He asked me to stay off the methotrexate. Thankfully the Actemra can be used without the methotrexate.

Tomorrow is my next infusion. Looking forward to it. So sad I think. LOL

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