Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little excitement today

Well, sort of exciting.

I have had this rash on my back for the past week or so. The hubby has said it is getting worse and I need to call my rheumy to make sure it is not an allergic reaction to my last infusion.

I call my dr and talk to the nurse. Told her what was going on and she said she will give the message to my rheumy and he will call me back.

Not even 5 minutes later, he calls me back wanting to see me in an hour. I so didn't want to have an allergic reaction to this medication because I believe it is working. I mean, I did manage to shuck a few dozen ears of corn yesterday and then cut the kernels off the cobs tonight.

I get to my appointment and my rheumy takes a look at my rash. He said it is not a rash of an allergic reaction. Whew! Thank God for that!

However, it looks like a shingles rash. Joy of joys! Just what I need. I is really itchy and it burns. I do not feel any pain however, but my Tramadol ER could be masking that up. At least I know the pain meds are working. last thing I need is to be in even more pain. Between my fibro and RA, I have enough pain to deal with.

My rheumy gives me a prescription for some medication to calm the shingles down. My understanding is it will always be in my body and it could flare. With my immune system soo suppressed between the methotrexate and the Actemra, the shingles decided to rear its ugly head and join the party. So now I have these huge horse pills that I have to take 5 times a day for the next week. As if I needed more pills to take. Grrrrrr. Oh well.

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