Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Not feeling so good

So, yesterday was my first Actemra infusion. I have had many infusions before, but this was a new medicine.

I came home from my appointment and went in and laid down in my room. I started to nod off a little and my body started to feel very heavy. It took some effort to life my arms and even keep my eyes open. When Steve came home from work, he came in to check on me. That was when I really noticed I was "heavy". I did get out of bed and was feeling okay otherwise.

Today I have a headache. Nothing bad like the migraines I use to get, but it is still annoying. One of the side effects is a headache though, so no worries there. It did take me a bit to get out of bed today. More so than normal. I figure it is just because of the medication I had yesterday. I have always been tired after having my infusions anyway.

Matt and I ran a couple of errands today and stopped at Subway to get a late lunch. Now, I am back in bed, really sore (my lower back and hips have been hurting me all day), and watching tv. I hope I feel more normal tomorrow. I have to do my food shopping then.

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