Monday, August 5, 2013

My MRI and the results

So, this past Tuesday I had my MRI. They booked me an "open" MRI because I am claustrophobic. Thank goodness I had them book it, because if this was the "open" MRI, I don't want to know what the regular one looks like. The tube you go in was still way to closed in for me.

They had me laying on my belly with my arms bend above my head. Because I was having one of my hands done, they had that in a tube thingy all stuffed with pads so that I don't move. That kinda freaked me out. Not having control of my hand. I was given a nice comfortable headset and some nice country music to listen to. Was hard trying to lay still when a good song came on and I wanted to dance. LOL

I spent the whole MRI with my eyes closed tight because I knew that if I opened them, I could see how close the walls were. It was bad enough that my elbows were touching the sides. I was only in the tube up to my chest, but that was enough to freak me out.

30 minutes of loud banging, clanking and whirring, and I was free from my restraints and free to leave. Good thing too cause my neck and shoulders were killing me. I also had an itch from hell on my nose. LOL

Yesterday, my Rheumatologist called with the results. The whole reason I had the MRI was to see if there was any widespread inflammation to maybe explain all the pain I have been in. My blood counts have been good and I shouldn't be in pain.

There was no wide spread inflammation. The third joint of my middle finger was a little swollen and there is damage to the second joint on my ring finger. That I knew. It is very puffy and kinda warped. Because there is no wide spread inflammation and my blood counts show that my RA is pretty much under control, he said that I do have Fibromyalgia (Chronic pain). Guess it is a good thing to know what has been causing my pain and that it isn't all in my head.

I see my Rheumy in 3 weeks and we will go over this more then. *sigh* The joy that has become my life.

First published 3/29/13

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