Monday, August 5, 2013

So frustrated with my insurance company

I got a letter a few weeks ago from my insurance company saying that they have denied the Actemra infusions saying that they are not medically necessary. Of course seeing that in writing, pissed me off big time. I went on a tangent.

Apparently my rheumy knew about it a week or so before me and they have already started the appeal process. They have provided Cigna (my insurance) all my medical info that shows how none of the medicines I have been on work for very long, if at all. It has been about 3 weeks and we still have not herd a nay or yay.

So, right now, I am just on methotrexate and tramadol. I am very sore and very tired all the time. Thankfully the pain medicine does take most of my pain away, just not all of it. It hurts to walk, my hips are always hurting and my fingers are stiff and swollen pretty much all day. The Remicade did do a little for me, because I am hurting more than before when I was on it.

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