Monday, August 5, 2013

Today's Rheumatologist appointment 7/15

You know when your rheumy calls himself a couple of hours after getting blood work done, that it is bad.

At my appointment we talked about stopping Remicade and starting Actemera. Fine with me. The Remicade has stopped working anyway. When I had the Vetra DA test done, the part of my inflammation that was raised, the Actemera blocks, so it makes sense to go on it. Only issue is, Actemera raises your cholesterol levels.

Last year my total cholesterol was 164. Today it was a little over 200. Ugg. I have been eating better, or so I thought, and exercising more. Walking and working in the garden is what I do for exercise right now. Been thinking of adding gentle yoga into my daily schedule. I had done yoga for years when Matt was younger, but life got busy. You know how it is.

My rheumy also said that my inflammation markers were higher than last time. Like I didn't already know that. I can feel it in all my joints and muscles. Granted the muscle pain is my fibro, but when I am having an RA fare, my fibro likes to kick in too. Double whammy of pain. Fun times.

So, today I got two new pills to take. One to keep my cholesterol down and one to help with my nausea and heart burn. That's a total of ten pills to take on Mondays and 9 pills to take daily the rest of the week Man getting old stinks. Who knew that 36 was old? I am getting sick to my stomach just thinking about this.

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