Monday, August 5, 2013

Squeakers Spoon Swap

I found this wonderful support group on Facebook, of all places, called Squeaky Joints. Fits for those of us with RA and other auto-immune diseases. On September 11th the group celebrated its first birthday. As a little celebration, the group admins decided to do a spoon swap. For those that read the Spoon Theory in the past posts about my RA you will understand the reasoning for this.

So, it took me a bit to find the spoon for me to send out. I wanted to find something that screamed Heather. I wanted something that would tell the person who receives my spoon to know a little about me by just looking at it. This is the spoon I found.

It's a spoon that looks like a shovel. I love gardening. The spoon is a pretty good sized and can be used as a tablespoon measure or as a tea bag holder (I love my tea also). Today I received my spoon from a fellow Squeaker. It is a tiny charm on a necklace. It is soo cute! I need to get a bigger chain for it (I like them around 22" so I don't feel like I am being choked. This is my spoon.

I actually wrapped the necklace chain around my wrist twice so this is my hand, not my neck. Isn't the spoon cute? I love it!

First published 9/24/12

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